Your Hunting Experience with One80 Outfitters

Wolf Mountain Ranch is located in the middle of some of the highest quality and most productive elk and mule deer habitat in the world. Situated on a major migration corridor the abundance and quality of animals makes for a wildlife enthusiasts dream, reconnecting you to the great outdoors like never before. Wolf Mountain Ranch is located in the Bears Ears population management unit for elk, mule deer and antelope (more information can be found at

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has an elk population estimate for this unit between 16,000 and 18,000 elk. When combined with the White River population management unit, northwest Colorado boasts an elk population of over 55,000 animals, the largest elk population in the world. Bull/cow ratios are consistently in the 20-25/100 range and you will see hundreds of elk roaming the mountain shrub hillsides, aspen groves, canyons and plateaus of Wolf Mountain Ranch. With a mule deer herd estimate for NW Colorado of over 30,000 animals and a buck/doe ratio of 36/100, our mule deer population is producing some nice quality animals in the 150-170+ range, add in a healthy bear and antelope population and you can’t lose. Vanatta Outfitters will do everything within the law and rules of fair chase to see that you get your game.

One80 Outfitters is not only a premier big game hunting outfitter but is dedicated to reconnecting our guests to the outdoors and our natural world. Wolf Mountain Ranch provides an exceptional opportunity to achieve this through our big game hunts, and opportunities to view small-game and non-game species such as Columbian sharp-tailed grouse, sage grouse, bald and golden eagles, multiple hawk species, Greater sandhill cranes, bobcat, red fox, coyote, porcupine, among many others. This over-all experience is second to none, this is our passion, this is our experience, join us and come live it.

Hunt Schedule

One80 Outfitters host’s hunts that begin on Monday morning and wrap up after the morning hunt on Friday. Guests are asked to arrive by dinner Sunday evening, but are welcome to arrive any time after noon, prior to your hunt. Arrangements may be made for a pick-up and delivery to/from Steamboat Springs or the Yampa Valley Regional Airport pre and post hunt.

Getting Into the Woods

Of the ranch’s 18,000 acres, 14,000 has been made available for hunting. One80 Outfitters uses primarily Polaris Rangers to access all hunting areas on the ranch, leaving directly from the lodge each day. Once in our desired hunting area on the ranch, we access the remainder of the distance via foot as not to disturb the game. Needless to say, the better physically in shape that you are, the better hunting opportunities you will present yourself. In general, all hunt preparation will increase the opportunities of success with your hunt (marksmanship and physical conditioning).

All guides with One80 Outfitters use the “spot and stalk” method of approach to have minimal impact on the wildlife. From a vantage point with elevation, it gains us the advantage visually to determine if there is potential for a hunt on an animal that we agree upon trying to take. There is no bigger thrill will you find than that of stalking elk in the Rocky Mountains. The experience is only enhanced when you have a One80 guide that will deliver you close in to your game with a play by play unmatched by others. We look forward to hosting you on one our hunts in the near future on the ranch.

Booking your Hunt

One80 Outfitters goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to book your hunt. To ensure availability during the dates that fit your schedule, please call 970.846.4145 or email Steve Znamenacek at Once we have the dates confirmed, One80 Outfitters requires that we receive a signed contract and a deposit for your hunt to fully reserve your dates. We appreciate your respect for our procedures, and knowledge that our hunts are very desirable. We are typically booking 1 to 1 ½ years in advance.

Processing your Harvest

Once you’ve got your trophy in camp, we can help in transporting your game to the processor. Several processors are available in Craig and Steamboat Springs including Brothers Custom Processing, AGP, and Elk River Processing, just to identify a few.

Taxidermy for your Trophy

Many taxidermists are available in the area and we can provide some direction if you decide to use a local taxidermist as many of our clients do. There is not a better way to remember a great hunting experience.