Do I need to apply for a tag?

If you are hunting with One80 Outfitters at Wolf Mountain Ranch, you are guaranteed a tag due to the participation with Colorado’s DOW and the Ranching for Wildlife program.

Do I need a hunter safety card?
If you were born after 01/01/1949 you are required by CO state law to possess a hunter safety card in order to obtain a CO hunting license (no exceptions)
Do I need blaze orange?
500 square inches of blaze orange is required as Colorado State law including a hat in combination with a vest or a jacket.
What kind of boots should I bring?
We recommend bringing a Gore Tex lined leather boots given the opportunity for mountain weather and rugged terrain.
Should I bring binoculars, spotting scope, range finder or shooting sticks?
Binocs, we encourage bringing them to increase your participation with your hunt.  As for spotting scopes, shooting sticks and range finders, your guide will provide these for your hunt.  They add weight to your pack that you may not wish you had.


What kind of weather should I expect?
We’ve seen it snow in every month of the year here in Colorado so this is a tricky question.  We recommend checking the weather on our site prior to your departure.  Use the motto “better safe than sorry” when preparing.  We all dress in layers in order to shed them as the day warms up and reverse the trend of an evening.  Temperatures in the mornings are likely to be in the 30’s as our season begins and may drop significantly lower as the fall progresses.  We typically receive our first snow in mid September.  A good, lightweight camo rain jacket that is quiet (quiet is key) works good as that extra layer and comes in handy often times in the mountains.


Do I need a backpack?
Packs are great for several reasons.  First, it gives you storage for extra ammo, snacks, water and clothes that you may be shedding or are going to need.  Finding the right pack is the tricky part.  There is a fine balance between having a light weight pack and enough room for all the gear.


Should I bring any food or snacks?
Meals are provided with your trip. Our culinary staff will send everyone off in the morning with a full belly. Typically, we’ll have our main meal in the middle of the day and a lite soup, stew or chili after the evening hunt. Snacks will be provided but if you have a favorite energy snack make sure and bring them. We burn plenty of calories during the day.


Do I need a sleeping bag?
All of our guest cabins are fully equipped with pillows, linens and towels.



Are there bathing facilities?
The bath house hosts 3 individual showers and two individual toilets.  We do have running water and electricity to all buildings.




What caliber of rifle do you recommend?
It’s not necessarily the caliber of the rifle, but the placement of the bullet.  If you’re looking for our recommendation, run with a .30 caliber such as a 300 WSM.  Know your ballistics, know you range and practice before you arrive in camp.
How far of a shot will I have to make?
As you know, every hunting scenario is different.  Be prepared and practice shooting 200 – 300 yards.  It’s big country and the ability to shoot over 150 yards comfortably will open up opportunities.
What is there to do after Hunting?
Once you’ve taken in the experience of hunting at the ranch, there’s always something to do around Steamboat. Here’s a few ideas that we’ve come up with to help you get started.

Food and Activites:

Steamboat Springs Chamber of Commerce offers a full resource of information about what is going on in Steamboat during your visit. Whether it’s some good grub you’re looking for or to go order to take home to the family, they can point you in the right direction. There website also offers a list of activities that your family can enjoy. You can visit them prior to your trip at steamboat-chamber.com . Some VO favorites are:

Get out and Fish

If you are into fishing, then we’ve get a couple of options that we would like to recommend, Straightline Sports, Steamboat Fly Fishers and Bucking Rainbow are a couple of great shops to start with that have knowledgeable staff and guides. The fall can be the most beautiful time of the year to cast a line.

What are some Transportation options?
During your stay in Steamboat Springs, there are a couple of options for transportation. If you stay downtown there are a large number of restaurants and watering holes within walking distance. Many of the property management companies run shuttles from managed properties. Steamboat has a great public transportation system that is free of charge and runs between Downtown and the Ski Mountain area.

Alpine Taxi is one of the preferred choices of transportation methods. It is our recommendation to connect with Alpine Taxi in advance if needing transportation to/from the Yampa Valley Regional Airport, if you are arriving in advance or departing later from your hunt.